General Introduction to International Cooperation

The International Department of the Chinese Society of Forestry (CSF) is responsible for carrying out non-governmental international academic exchange activities of forestry and is one of the central tasks of the Chinese Society of Forestry. It is a bridge to enhance the communication between participants in the forest industry at home and abroad, a window to show China’s forestry construction and development, and a link to introduce foreign advanced forestry technologies and management experiences. The Chinese Society of Forestry has always attached great importance to strengthening cooperation and exchanges with relevant foreign forestry institutions, and increased multilateral and bilateral cooperation and exchanges continuously. The exchange activities with foreign forestry societies and related institutions began during the period of Zhonghua Society of Forestry. Through unremitting efforts, CSF has established close ties with nearly 30 national forestry societies, forestry universities and scientific research institutions, such as American Society of Forestry, Canadian Society of Forestry, Australian Society of Forestry, Zelanian Society of Forestry, Korean Society of Forestry, Japanese Society of Forestry, Mongolian Society of Forestry, University of Nancy, France, University of Freiburg, Germany, USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station, UBC, University of Austria, and University of Helsinki, and carried out various forms of international exchanges and cooperation.

By the end of 2019, CSF had received more than 130 batches of teams from about 20 countries including Germany, France, Japan and Canada, with nearly 450 person-times; sent nearly 100 batches of teams to about 15 countries including Japan, Canada, Finland and Sweden, with more than 250 person-times. In addition, CSF held various forestry-related international academic conferences. At present, it has been held more than 40 times, with nearly 5,000 participants. With the continuous improvement of China’s international status and the acceleration of China’s international cooperation in forestry, CSF, as the oldest and largest academic body of forestry in China, will continue to play a greater role in international forestry organizations.

With the active support and encouragement of the former State Forestry Administration, CSF has strengthened international cooperation and improved the international reputation and influence continuously, thus speaking out on the international stage on behalf of the national forestry NGO and vigorously publicizing the relevant spirit of Chinese forestry. Up to now, CSF has joined the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the International Poplar Commission (IPC). CSF can actively participate in activities, actively organize to speak out at relevant conferences, submit proposals, and constantly demonstrate the importance of China in relevant activities. In addition, CSF has established close cooperation and contacts with nearly 10 international organizations including IUFRO, TNC, UNEP and WWF. The cooperation and exchanges with international forestry organizations have expanded the influence of CSF on the international stage of forestry, increased the international right of speech, opened a new window for exchanges with international forestry and environmental protection NGOs, and broadened the channels for the world to understand Chinese forestry.