“Young Talent Supporting Project” (YTSP) was set up by China Association for Science and Technology in September, 2015 to selectively support young talent. This project is implemented by national societies or associations of societies of China Association for Science and Technology. YTSP aims to support young scientific and technical workers, encouraging them to do scientific research and choose research project independently, to play important role in collaboration between enterprises, universities and research institutes, to participate in more high-level international academic exchanges, to take office in international non-government organizations for science and technology with influence. In order to achieve this end, YTSP provides strong support for young talents to devote to scientific research, motivate them to foster scientific spirit, to cultivate innovative thinking, to tap potentialities of innovative thinking and improve their capability in innovation, so that young talents can continuously surpass their predecessors. This project will provide the selected with 150,000 yuan three years successively. What’s more, the selected must be reviewed and approved by no less than 3 peer experts at least one of whom should guide and support the selected.

Chinese Society of Forestry has carried out 5 “Young Talent Supporting Project”, and supported 18 excellent young technical talents. Among these, 3 applicants were selected in the first YTSP (from 2015 to 2017), 2 in the second YTSP (from 2016 to 2018) and third YTSP (from 2017-2019) respectively, 9 in the fourth (from2018-2020), and 2 in the fifth (from 2019 to 2021).

Technology Awards for Forestry Youth of which the predecessor was Chinese Society of Forestry Technology Awards for Youth first established in 1988, was set up by the State Forestry Administration in 1995. The award for young scientific and technical workers of forestry, held every 2 years, is organized and implemented both by Department of Human Resources of National Forestry and Grassland Administration and Chinese Society of Forestry. Up to now, 15 Technology Awards for Forestry Youth have been carried out and a total of 241 excellent young scientific and technical workers of forestry have been awarded.

Types of members of Chinese Society of Forestry: individual member, including student member, regular member, senior member, fellow, and international member, and organizational member, including regular organizational member, organizational member of council unit, organizational member of standing council unit, organizational member of deputy director unit.