National Members’Representative Convention:

1、Board of Supervisors 

Personnel List

Wu Bin, Chief Supervisor

Xia Jun, Deputy Chief Supervisor

Huang Bing, Supervisor

Tang Xiaohong

Zhi Xin

2、Board of Directors

Leaders List

President: Zhao Shucong

Vice President: Tan Guangming and Liu Shirong

Cao Fuliang and An Lizhe

Jiang Jianchun and Li Bin

Ma Guangren and Wang Hao

Song Quanli and Chen Xingliang (and Secretary General)

Hao Yujun and  Fei Benhua

3、General Council

Working Committee

Academic Works Committee

Reward Works Committee

Scientific and Technological Workers' Academic Ethics Self Discipline Works Committee

Advisory and Continuing Education Works Committee

Organizing Works Committee

Science Popularization Works Committee

Nature Education Works Committee

International Exchange and Cooperation Works Committee

Youth Works Committee

Branch (Professional) Committee

Forest Soil Professional Committee

Forest Management Branch

Forest Pathology Branch

Branch of Forest Tree Genetics and Breeding

Forest Engineering Branch

Forestry Chemical Industry Branch

Forest Ecology Branch

Poplar Professional Committee

Trees Introduction and Domestication Professional Committee

Wood Industry Branch

Forestry Machinery Branch

Tree Physiology and Biochemistry Professional Committee

Forest Cultivation Branch

Forest Insect Society

Dendrology Branch

Forestry Meteorological Professional Committee

Economic Forest Branch

Forestry Computer Application Branch

Soil and Water Conservation Committee

Forestry History Branch

Forest Hydrology and Watershed Management Branch

Forestry Science and Technology Management Professional Committee

Forest and Grassland Fire Prevention Committee

Wood Science Branch

Eucalyptus Branch

Bamboo Branch

Urban Forest Branch

Forest Park and Forest Tourism Branch

Shrub Branch

Ginkgo Branch

Forestry Science and Technology Periodical Branch

Biomass Materials Science Branch

Forest Food Science and Technology Professional Committee

Bamboo and Rattan Resources Utilization Branch

Ancient and Famous Trees Branch

Non-timber Forest-based Economy Branch

Precious Tree Branch

Chinese Fir Professional Committee

Pine Branch

Saline Alkali Land Branch

Garden Branch

Nature Reserves and Biodiversity Branch

Forestry Intellectual Property Branch

Forest Convalescent Branch

Forestry Culture and Natural Heritage Branch

Oak Branch

National Parks Branch

Furniture and Integration Home Decoration Branch

Forestry and Grass Intelligent Technology and Robot Branch

Rainforest Branch


Office: be responsible for personnel, finance, Party affairs, secretaries, confidential, publicity, logistics, retired cadres, natural education, etc.

Organization and Liaison Department: be responsible for branch management, member development, information construction, academician selection, talent recommendation, youth promotion project, etc.

Academic Department: be responsible for academic exchanges, innovation drive, science and technology awards, group standards, evaluation of scientific and technological achievements, etc.

Science Popularization Department: be responsible for science popularization, youth activities, etc.

International Department: be responsible for International (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) exchanges and cooperation, etc.

Consulting department: be responsible for consulting services, continuing education, etc.

Editorial Department of Forestry Science: be responsible for periodical editing, etc.

Provincial (District, City) Forestry Society

Beijing Forestry Society

Tianjin Forestry Society

Hebei Forestry Society

Shanxi Forestry Society

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Forestry Society

Liaoning Forestry Society

Jilin Forestry Society

Heilongjiang Forestry Society

Shanghai Forestry Society

Jiangsu Forestry Society

Zhejiang Forestry Society

Anhui Forestry Society

Fujian Forestry Society

Jiangxi Forestry Society

Shandong Forestry Society

Henan Forestry Society

Hubei Forestry Society

Hunan Forestry Society

Guangdong Forestry Society

Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Forestry Society

Hainan Forestry Society

Chongqing Forestry Society

Sichuan Forestry Society

Guizhou Forestry Society

Yunnan Forestry Society

Tibet Autonomous Region Forestry Society

Shaanxi Forestry Society

Gansu Forestry Society

Qinghai Forestry Society

Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Forestry Society

Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Forestry Society