The science popularization work by Chinese Society of Forestry has been awarded by China Association of Science and Technology for 8 consecutive years
column:Introduction to science popularization activities Release time:2020-08-06

The science popularization work by Chinese Society of Forestry was declared to be awarded pursuant to the Notification about the National Association for Science and Technology’s Praise of Science Popularization Work in 2019 by the Science Popularization Department of China Association for Science and Technology (K.X.P.H.L.Z. [2019] No.92, and it was the 8th time that Chinese Society of Forestry has won the honor from 8 years ago.

Under the guidance of relevant authorities including China Association of Science and Technology, and National Forestry and Grassland Administration, Chinese Society of Forestry, in 2019, painstakingly exerted the role and advantage of the main force of organizing the science popularization work for technology and society, focused on the implementation of theme festival forest and grass science popularization, youth ecological civilization education, the Three forestry science popularization competition, cultivation for excellent forest and grass works, national voluntary service of forestry and grass technology, information construction of forestry and grass, and special award for science popularization of Liang Xi. The Science Popularization by Chinese Society of Forestry has made new achievements, and was broadly paid attention to by lots of mainstream medium like the People’s Daily, Xinhua Net, People’s Net, CCTV Net, Science Popularization Times, Nature Resources News, China Green Times, and made contributions that it was supposed to make for improving the science quality for everyone and for constructing the ecological, civilized and beautiful China.