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column:Introduction to bilateral partners and projects Release time:2020-08-08

International Poplar Commission (IPC)

The Professional Poplar Committee of the Chinese Society of Forestry joined the International Poplar Commission in 1980 and attended the 31th Meeting of the 16th Executive Committee. The 17th IPC Executive Committee was held in Belgium in 1986, the Chinese Poplar Committee sent Wang Shiji to attend the meeting. After consultation, it was decided that the 18th International Poplar Conference would be held in China in 1988. In September 2000, the Society sent a delegation headed by Yin Weilun, Vice President of CSF and Chairman of the Chinese Professional Poplar Committee, to attend the 21st International Poplar Conference. Yin Weilun, a candidate recommended by the Society, was selected as the EC Member of the 21st IPC. The members of the delegation presented the latest achievements in poplar research in China and strengthened the Society’s ties with the IPC.

In November 28, 2004, CSF organized a delegation headed by Professor Yin Weilun, Vice President, President of Beijing Forestry University, and EC Member of IPC, to attend the 22nd International Poplar Congress in Chile. The delegation submitted the National Report on the Development of Poplar in China and the application for bidding to host the 23rd International Poplar Conference in 2008. Yin Weilun, Chairman of the CSF Poplar Committee, was re-elected as the EC Member of the 22nd IPC; Zhang Qiwen, Vice Chairman of the CSF Poplar Committee, was elected as the Vice Chairman of IPC Breeding Unit. After the joint efforts of many parties, the Society obtained the right to host the International Poplar Conference for the second time in 2007 after 1988, which will effectively promote the development of poplar research and industry in China.

On October 27, 2008, the 23rd International Poplar Conference was grandly opened in Beijing. More than 200 experts and scholars from more than 30 countries Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia gathered in Beijing to study and explore the relationship between poplars and willows and human survival and development. In the international conference on poplars, the Chinese Poplar Committee submitted a national report on poplar and willow, which presented the achievements and scientific research progress of poplars and willows in China in the past 4 years, and was recognized by foreign peers.

From October 29, 2012 to November 2, 2012, the 24th International Poplar Conference was held in Dehradun, India. Yin Weilun, Chairman of the Professional Poplar Committee of CSF, and Lu Mengzhu, Secretary General, attended the conference. About 200 people attended the 24th International Poplar Conference. The theme of the 24th International Poplar Conference was “Improving Life through Poplar and Willow”, including the contribution of poplar and willow to rural life and sustainable development; the latest progress of poplar and willow afforestation and industrial timber forests; the recent research progress of ecological environment restoration of poplar and willow, biofuels (energy) and carbon sequestration and mitigation of climate change, etc.; development of poplar breeding, biotechnology and forest health. At the conference, Researcher Lu Mengzhu, Secretary General of Professional Poplar Committee of CSF and Deputy Director of the Forestry Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF), was elected as the EC Member of the 23rd IPC

From September 11, 2016 to September 18, 2016, the 48th Executive Committee Meeting of IPC and the 25th International Poplar Conference were held in Berlin, Germany. Lu Mengzhu, EC Member of IPC and Secretary General of Professional Poplar Committee of CSF, attended the conference. The 25th International Poplar Conference was organized by BMELV. More than 250 people from more than 30 countries attended the conference. More than 200 abstracts were submitted; 130 people gave conference reports and group presentations; nearly 100 posters were exhibited. The theme of the conference was “Poplar and Other Fast-growing Trees - Renewable Resources for the Green Economy in the Future”. The conference included the conference reports and the group reports, which were divided into six groups: the first group of tree improvement; the second group of tree genome; the third group of weather effect, pest management and ecology; the fourth group of tree physiology, agroforestry management and forest products; the fifth group of forest products, biomass energy, economy; the sixth group of reclamation, plant restoration and special applications. At the conference, the national poplar report from the Czech Republic, a new member of IPC, was heard; as well as the IPC’s topic of brewing reform to adapt to the new situation; the poplar and willow breeding, cultivation, wood processing and utilization in Sweden, Argentina, India, the United States, the Netherlands and other countries. At the end of the conference, the Registration Group, Genetic Resources Group, Pest Group, Wood Processing and Utilization Group, Ecology Group and Policy Group, which were classified and named by IPC, reported their work progress and future plans respectively. Lu Mengzhu gave a report titled “The Sweet Gene Family In Populus: Evolution, Expression Patterns, And Contribution To Secondary Growth” at the parallel session of tree genome. At the same time, Researcher Lu Mengzhu continued to be elected as the EC Member of the new IPC.