Demonstration project of oak management in natural forest demonstration area
column:Introduction to bilateral partners and projects Release time:2020-08-08

Oak species is the largest tree species in natural forests in China. According to the eighth forest resources survey, oak species in China’s natural forests cover 16.1 million hectares, accounting for 13.7% of the natural forest area. At present, there are few experts in China who specialize in oak resource management, and the research history is relatively short. Therefore, China is still relatively weak in natural oak resource management, research and technology application, and there is still a big gap between China and developed countries (such as in Europe) with advanced management technology of oak. In order to learn and introduce mature oak management concepts and technologies from abroad, since 2015, CSF and the former Natural Forest Protection Engineering Management Center of State Forestry Administration have jointly launched the “Oak Management Demonstration Project in the Natural Forest Demonstration Area”, and applied for the International Intelligence Introduction Project of the former State Forestry Administration for the first time. With the support of the Intelligence Introduction Project, experts from Germany, France, Australia, Portugal and other countries were invited to conduct field research on oak resources in Luanchuan of Henan Province, Danfeng of Shaanxi Province, Xiaolong Mountains of Gansu Province, Taiyue Mountain of Shanxi Province, Liupan Mountain of Ningxia and Benxi of Liaoning Province and their management status quo. The first batch of oak natural forest management demonstration areas were established in Xiaolong Mountains of Gansu province and Taiyue Mountain of Shanxi Province. Under the on-site guidance of foreign experts, the management plan for oak in the demonstration area was formulated according to the actual situation in China, so as to demonstrate the technology of natural oak resources management. From May 31, 2018 to June 1, 2018, the “International Symposium and Training on Oak Management and the Founding Conference of CSF Oak Branch” was held in Beijing. The members of the first council and the head of the Branch were elected. The conference promoted a more scientific and guaranteed implementation of the oak management demonstration project in the natural forest demonstration area. At the same time, oak research experts and oak management grassroots technicians in China were invited to hold more than 10 oak management seminars and 6 important comprehensive domestic and foreign experts oak management seminars to discuss in depth how to promote the scientific management of natural oak forest in China.