Forest Science Forum
column:Introduction to bilateral partners and projects Release time:2020-08-08

The “Forest Science Forum” is an international exchange platform jointly initiated by CSF, IUFRO and IUCN, and established by CSF in 2010. It is held every two years with the aim of promoting exchanges and cooperation in forestry among countries and promoting progress and innovation of global forestry science and technology. In each session of the “Forest Science Forum”, the hot issues concerned by the global forestry science and technology personnel will be selected for discussion. It is a place for the exchange of information and inspiration among the global forestry science and technology personnel, as well as a platform for the global forestry peers to seek cooperation and spread friendship.

The 1st Forest Science Forum – “International Conference on the Efforts in Response to Forest-Related Disasters” was held in Beijing in April 2010 and was co-hosted by the Chinese Society of Forestry, Ecological Society of China, Chinese Society of Soil and Water Conservation and Chinese Meteorological Society. The theme was: Respect and Grasp Nature, Prevent and Reduce Disaster Losses; the main task was to “understand nature, grasp the law, and jointly improve the ability to deal with natural disasters”. The conference pointed out that in recent years, earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts, floods, land desertification, wetland reduction, climate warming and other natural disasters have occurred frequently all over the world, attracting unprecedented attention worldwide. Forests play a special role in the mitigation of natural disasters. The quantity and quality of forest resources are not only national and regional economic problems, but also global ecological problems and human survival problems, as well as the focus of international politics.

The 2nd Forest Science Forum – “International Conference on Sustainable Forest Management” was held in Beijing in October 2012 and was co-hosted by the Chinese Society of Forestry and Beijing Forestry University. The theme was: Sustainable Forest Management under Climate Change; at the conference, about 300 forestry experts and scholars from more than 20 countries exchanged advanced concepts and technical measures for sustainable forest management, and jointly discussed ways and methods for sustainable forest management.

The 3rd Forest Science Forum and the 12th Pacific Rim Bio-Based Composites Symposium was held in Beijing in June 2012. It was hosted by the Chinese Society of Forestry, and co-organized by the Wood Industry Branch of CSF, Research Institute of Wood Industry of CAF and Bamboo and Rattan Resource Utilization Branch of CSF. The theme was: Green Materials for a Better Life; the aim was to study and discuss the new process, new technology and new method of bio-based composites, promote environmental protection and green development. At the conference, it was believed that the world is facing the challenges of ecological crisis such as climate change, environmental pollution, loss of species and frequent natural disasters, and environmental problems have become a serious issue that human beings must face. It has become a common choice for the world to save resources and protect the environment, promote green, cyclic and low-carbon development, and form a spatial pattern, industrial structure, mode of production and way of life of resource conservation and environmental protection so as to reverse the trend of ecological and environmental deterioration at the source.

The 4th Forest Science Forum – “International Conference on Forest Multi-Function Operation and Management” was held in Beijing in October 2016, with the theme of “Multi-objective Services of Forests”. At the invitation of Mr. Michael John Wingfield, President of IUFRO, as the parallel session, the forum was held concurrently with the IUFRO Regional Congress for Asia and Oceania. On behalf of IUFRO, Mr. Mike attended the opening ceremony of the forum and delivered a speech. With the assistance of CSF, he accepted an exclusive interview with the reporter of the Green Times and highly praised CSF and the Forest Science Forum, an important international conference platform of CSF.

The 5th International Forest Science Forum and Forest Management Conference was successfully held at Beijing Forestry University on April 24, 2018, with the theme of “Theoretical Practice and International Experience of Forest Science Management”. The forum was co-hosted by CSF, the former Natural Forest Protection Engineering Management Center of State Forestry Administration, Zhonglin Union Forestry Intelligence, the former Engineering and Technology Research Center for Forest Management of the State Forestry Administration and the Sino-German Forest Cooperation Policy Dialogue Project Office. More than 200 people including authoritative forest management experts, scholars, grass-roots forest workers and enterprises from all over the country attended the conference. During the meeting, Chinese and foreign scholars conducted in-depth dialogues and exchanges on European forest management experience and the protection and management of natural secondary forests in China.

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So far, the forum has been successfully held for five sessions, attracting wide attention, producing positive effects and achieving good results. Nowadays, the “Forest Science Forum” has gradually developed into an important place for the world’s forestry science and technology elites to share information and enlighten ideas, and an important platform for the global forestry peers to seek cooperation and spread friendship. It has contributed to the promotion of forestry cooperation and exchanges among countries and the progress and innovation of global forestry science and technology. It has successfully built a new platform for non-governmental international academic exchanges and discussions in forestry.