column:Nature Education Release time:2020-08-11

Man depends on nature. Man is a part of nature. Man and nature are a community of common destiny. Nature is the teacher that human beings are born with. Facing the frequent natural disasters, environmental events and climate change over the past half century, facing the historical responsibility of building a beautiful China, and facing the free and comprehensive development of human beings, China's nature education came into being and took advantage of the momentum.

Especially since the beginning of this century, many experts, scholars, social organizations, government departments and international public welfare organizations in China have begun to pay attention to and explore nature education. A large number of national parks, nature protected areas, various forest parks, wetland parks, geoparks, marine parks and urban parks are exploring the new value of their natural ecological resources and actively serving nature education. Various nature education institutions are booming. Some of them are the function extension of nature protection units, some are private non-profit organizations, some are market-driven service-oriented enterprises, some are social organizations and foundations, and some are the display tentacles of corporate social responsibility. Various national education institutions, especially primary and secondary schools and preschool education, are also exploring the role of nature education in improving the quality of the educated and realizing the educational objectives.

2019 is a year of rapid development of nature education in China. The National Forestry and Grassland Administration has issued the Notice on Giving Full Play to the Social Functions of Various Nature Protected Areas and vigorously Carrying Out Nature Education, which is the first document of the national government agency to deploy national nature education. Nature education has become a new measure to serve the people's livelihood. Director General Zhang Jianlong made an important instruction on this. 305 units proposed to establish the National Head School of Nature Education relying on the Chinese Society of Forestry, aiming to activate the social education function of various nature protected areas and provide a broad practical platform for the development of nature education. The First China Nature Education Congress was successfully held, a historic grand meeting of the development of China's nature education, showing the new achievements and new level of the development of China's nature education, marking that the development of China's nature education has entered a new stage!