List of Natural Education Schools (Bases)
column:Nature Education Release time:2020-08-13

List of the First Batch of Natural Education Schools (Bases)

Beijing: (2)

Beijing Badaling National Forest Park

Beijing Yanqing Yeyahu Wetland Nature Reserve Management Office

Hebei Province: (1)

Hebei Beidaihe National Wetland Park Management Office

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region: (2)

Inner Mongolia Mengcao Ecological Environment (Group) Co., Ltd.

Inner Mongolia Heilihe National Nature Reserve Management Office

Shanghai: (2)

Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden

Shanghai Chongming Dongtan Bird Nature Reserve Management Office

Jiangsu Province: (2)

Shajiabang National Wetland Park Management Committee

Protection and management center of Kunshan Tianfu National Wetland Park

Zhejiang Province (2)

Hangzhou Botanical Garden

Hangzhou Xixi Wetland Park Management Committee Office

Hubei Province (1)

Wuhan Park Association

Guangdong Province (3)

Guangzhou Haizhu National Wetland Park Administration

Guangdong Neilingding Futian National Nature Reserve Administration Bureau

Shenzhen OCT Wetland Nature School

Sichuan Province (2)

Xichang Qionghai National Wetland Park Protection Center

Dujiangyan Houdefu Huaxi Agricultural Co., Ltd. (YHC Huaxi Farm Natural Forest School)

Yunnan Province (1)

Yunnan Gaoligong Mountain National Nature Reserve

Shaanxi Province (2)

Shaanxi Changqing National Nature Reserve Administration Bureau

Exposition Garden of Northwest A & F University

List of the Second Batch of Natural Education Schools (Bases)

Beijing: (7)

Beijing Milu Ecological Experimental Center

Beijing Songshan National Nature Reserve

Beijing Yacheng Bird Nature Education School

Wood and Human Nature Education School (Institute of Wood Industry of Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences)

Yihai Nature Education School

Yingchuang (Beijing) Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.

North China Forestry Experimental Center of Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences

Hebei Province: (1)

Huakai Nature Education School (Langfang Xinshuo Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.)

Shanxi Province: (5)

Jinzhong Hongyi Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd.

Shanxi N.E. Natural Education School (Shanxi Daozhi Natural Culture Media Co., Ltd.)

Experimental Forest Farm of Shanxi Forestry Vocational and Technical College

Shanxi Province Xinjiang County Gushe Mountain Scenic Spot

Shanxi Yingxiang Future Education Technology Co., Ltd.

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region: (5)

Genheyuan National Wetland Park

Mengshu Ecological Construction Co., Ltd.

Inner Mongolia Daqingshan Autonomous Region Nature Reserve

Nature Exploration Center of Inner Mongolia Natural Museum

Asia Pacific Forest Organization Wangyedian Multi-Functional Forest Experience Base

Liaoning Province: (3)

Chaoyang Green Forestry Ecological Environment Protection Association

Dalian Guiyi Garden Base

Dalian Lanying Western Suburb Comprehensive Nature Education Practice Camp

Jilin Province: (7)

Hunchun Dahuanggou Ecological Scenic Spot

Jilin Hongshi National Forest Park

Jilin Longwan National Nature Reserve Administration Bureau

Jilin Province Dunhua City Dashitou Yaguang Lake National Wetland Park

Jilin Province Lanjia Grand Canyon National Forest Park

Linjiang Forestry Bureau Seedling Breeding Company

Liumaohe Scenic Spot

Heilongjiang Province: (4)

Liangshui National Nature Reserve of Northeast Forestry University

Fujin National Wetland Park

Maolangou National Nature Reserve in Heilongjiang Province


Heilongjiang Sanjiang National Nature Reserve Administration Bureau

Shanghai: (1)

Shanghai Botanical Garden

Jiangsu Province: (2)

Jiangsu Province Yancheng National Rare Bird Nature Reserve

Suzhou Taihu National Wetland

Zhejiang Province: (15)

Hangzhou Changle Youth Quality Education Base

Hangzhou Bamboo Culture Park

Romantic Mountain and River International Camp

Ningbo Botanical Garden

Seven Star Manor Nature Education School (Wenzhou Fangfei Agricultural Sports Leisure Development Co., Ltd.)

Qiandao Lake water source protection nature education school

Future Education Practice Center

Yandangshan National Forest Park

Yinlonggu Natural Education School (Ningbo Fenghua Yinlong Shoot Cooperatives)

Yongkang Forest Farm

Medicinal Botanical Garden of Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University

Zhejiang Province Dapanshan National Nature Reserve Administration

Zhejiang Province Wuyanling National Nature Reserve

Subtropical Forestry Institute of Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences

China Bamboo Exposition Park

Anhui Province: (6)

Anhui Forestry Hi Tech Development Center

Huangshan Arboretum of Anhui Academy of Forestry Sciences

Shahe Tree Breeding Center of Anhui Academy of Forestry Sciences

Anhui Alligator National Nature Reserve

Jiuzi Research Study and Travel Base

Science Popularization Base of Knowledge and Practice Nature Education

Fujian Province: (10)

Fujian Meihuashan Natural Education School

Fujian Qishan Forest Family Nature Education School

Fujian Shanghang Baisha State Owned Forest Farm

Fujian Suichang Natural Education School (Fujian Suichang Ecological Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.)

Qidi Nature Education School (Fujian Lexiang natural Management Consulting Co., Ltd.)

Mt.TienZhu Country Forest Park

Wuping Zhongshan River National Wetland Park Qianlu Lake Wetland

Wuyishan National Park

Xintian Natural Experience Base

Yongan Longtou National Wetland Park

Jiangxi Province: (16)

Gannan Arboretum

Guixi Shuangzhen Forest Farm

Jiangxi East Poyang Lake National Wetland Park

Jiangxi Environmental Engineering Vocational College

Jiangxi Jiulianshan National Nature Reserve Administration Bureau

Jiangxi Province Jiulingshan National Nature Reserve

Jiangxi Province Jiulongshan National Nature Reserve

Jiangxi Lushan National Nature Reserve Administration Bureau

Jiangxi Province Matoushan National Nature Reserve

Wucheng Conservation Management Station of Jiangxi Poyang Lake National Nature Reserve Administration Bureau

Jiangxi Academy of Forestry

Jiangxi Taohongling Nature Reserve

Jiangxi Xinghuo Camellia Oleifera Science and Technology Park

Jiujiang Forest Museum

Xinfeng County Jinpenshan Natural Education Base

Arboretum of Subtropical Forestry Experimental Center of Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences

Shandong Province: (5)

Jinan Wuhen Natural Education School (Jinan Wuhen Environmental Culture Communication Center)

Shandong Huashan Agriculture and Forestry Technology Co., Ltd.

Shandong Ruyi Valley Farm Co., Ltd.

Xingrun Garden Research and Teaching Base

Zibo Yuanshan Forest Farm

Henan Province: (3)

Henan Xingzhishu Comprehensive Practice Base

Huangbershan National Forest Park

Songxian Baiyunshan National Forest Park Administration Bureau

Hunan Province: (5)

Hunan Forest Botanical Garden

Muta Aromatic Plant Nature Education School (Hunan Muta Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd.)

piaofeng Yisuo Nature Education School (Changsha Piaofeng Villa Co., Ltd.)

Yueyang Natural Education Base

Zhangjiajie City Yongding District Huagu Farm

Hubei Province: (17)

Rose Garden of Peace Park

Hubei Golden Agricultural Valley Youth Practical Education Base

Geoparker Geosciences popularization Center

Jingshan City Huzhaoshan Forest Farm,

Shennongjia National Park

Wuhan Leba Nature School

Wuhan Qintai Green Square

Wuhan Hongshan Square Management Office

Wuhan Qingshan District nanganqu Park Management Office of

Wuhan Garden Expo Garden

Wuhan Botanical Garden

Wuhan Central Business District Landscaping Management Center

Yuehu Park (Wuhan Yuehu Scenic Spot Management Office)

Zigui Industry University Research Base of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)

China Huiyuan Agricultural Valley Experience Park

Wuhan Botanical Garden of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Ziwei Urban Garden

Guangdong Province: (15)

Baizhangya Natural Education School (Shaoguan Qujiang Baizhangya Scenic Tourism Co., Ltd.)

Danxia Impression Nature Education School

Futian Mangrove Ecological Park

Guangdong Guanyinshan National Forest Park

Guangdong Huidong Turtle National Nature Reserve

Guangdong Shaoguan Danxiashan National Nature Reserve,

Guangdong Province Shatoujiao Forest Farm

Guangdong Tree Park

Guangdong Xiangtoushan National Nature Reserve Administration Bureau

Guangzhou Conghua Taorangu Natural Education School

Mangrove Foundation

Shenzhen Baihe School

Xiangshi Zoo

Xinghu National Wetland Park

Zhuhai Qi’ao Dangan Island Nature Education School

Hainan Province: (3)

Haikou Taohuayuan Natural Education School (Hainan Gaoyiyi Culture Communication Co., Ltd.)

Hainan Wenchang Forest Ecosystem National Positioning Observation and Research Station

Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden

Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region: (6)

Guangxi Huaping Nature Reserve

Guangxi Nonggang National Nature Reserve

Guangxi Yachang Orchids National Nature Reserve

Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Nanning Liangfengjiang National Forest Park

Echo Nature Education School

Nanning Qingxiu Mountain Scenic Spot

Sichuan Province: (7)

Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base

Chengdu Shiye Natural Museum

Hubaba Nature Education School (Dujiangyan Yuting Tourism Project Investment Co., Ltd.)

Longxi Hongkou National Nature Reserve Administration Bureau

Four Seasons Water Spring Natural Center

Wolong National Nature Reserve

China Giant Panda Conservation and Research Center

Chongqing: (1)

Chongqing Yuzhong District Natural Media Public Welfare Development Center

Guizhou Province: (3)

Busiyi Natural Education School (Guizhou Bisiyi Culture Media Co., Ltd.)

Guizhou Leigongshan National Nature Reserve

Liping County State owned Dongfeng Forest Farm

Yunnan Province: (4)

Dehong Wildlife Shelter and Rescue Center

Kunming City Haikou Forest Farm

Southwest Forestry University

Yunnan Jiuxiang Canyon Cave National Geopark

Shaanxi Province: (7)

Qinling National Botanical Garden

Huaguan Natural Education School of Qinling National Botanical Garden

Shaanxi Province Niubeiliang National Nature Reserve Administration Bureau

Maixi Primary School, Siji Town, Langao County, Ankang City, Shaanxi Province

Shaanxi Taibai Mountain National Nature Reserve Administration Bureau

Walking on Top of Tree - Youth Ecological Civilization Popularization Education Base

Xi'an Zhiguang Natural Education School (Xi'an Yongxu zhiguang Education Technology Co., Ltd.)

Qinghai Province: (1)

Qinghai Lake National Nature Reserve Administration Bureau

Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region: (1)

Ningxia Helan Mountain National Forest Park