IUCN Expressed its Appreciation for the Efforts Made by Our Scientific and Technical Personnel to Prevent and Control COVID-19
column:100th Anniversary Release time:2021-02-25

During the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, people across the country joined hands to fight against the COVID-19, and General Secretary Xi Jinping held several important meetings in succession and made instructions and arrangements intensively. Under the leadership of China Association for Science and Technology and also in accordance with the spirit of General Secretary Xi’s important speech, Chinese Society of Forestry gave full play to the advantages of civil science and technology associations, took the initiative to communicate with relevant international organizations and introduce the epidemic situation and prevention and control measures in China, and actively won the understanding and support of international community, in order to promote academic exchange without borders, discrimination and barriers and also cater to the foreign policies of the state.

Chairman Zhang Xinsheng of International Union for Conservation of Nature (hereinafter referred to as IUCN) has recently sent a special letter to express his appreciation for all the efforts made by China to fight against COVID-19 and also call on the talents in global scientific research community to join hands to cope with the challenge. According to Chairman Zhang, IUCN has paid close attention to COVID-19 control and got a comprehensive understanding of epidemic situation in China through China Association for Science and Technology and Chinese Society of Forestry, and expressed its deepest sympathy. In addition, IUCN will continue to provide support for China and also strengthen its cooperation with China, and inform its members of the tremendous efforts made by China to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Besides, it hopes that China and even the whole world can defeat COVID-19 as soon as possible.

In 2010, Chinese Society of Forestry joined IUCN which is the world’s oldest and largest global nature conservation organization including 81 countries, 120 government organizations, more than 800 non-governmental organizations and 10000 specialists and scientists. IUCN is also an official advisory body of UNESCO World Heritage Committee in the field of nature, with the mission of “leading the worldwide conservation movement and promoting concerted action in order to protect the integrity and diversity of nature, and also ensure that human use of natural resources is appropriate, sustainable and fair.”